Prosecco wine Tasting

  For you fans of Prosecco, a night to remember.

 An Evening of Italian Bubbles at Purple Kirkland

 We are excited to welcome 4th generation Winemaker Paolo Trevisiol
to Purple Kirkland on Friday, July 29th.
Paolo's family was the first in the region to make Prosecco and he is one of the most famous producers in Italy. The event will take place on the patio at Kirkland (weather permitting) from 5:30pm to 7:30pm and include 4 different sparkling wine options with food pairings.

In addition, all wines will be available for retail purchase.

 Trevisiol Prosecco Extra Dry . Veneto . NV

 Trevisiol Rosecco Rose Brut . Veneto . 10

 Tre Donne Moscato D'Asti 'La Perlina' . Piedmont . 10

 Barbolini Grasparossoa Lambrusco . Emilia Romagna . NV

 Price is $40 plus tax and gratuity. 

Please contact our Event Planners for more
information or to make a reservation, 206-838-3853.

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