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Ci viene segnalato dalla Zeitgeist Films Ltd. di New York la programmazione del divertente film" The Salt of Life" (Gianni e le donne) di Gianni Di Gregorio che verra' proiettato in alcune sale cinematografiche della giurisdizione consolare di San Francisco, come Berkeley, San Francisco, San Jose', San Rafael, Santa Rosa, Portland e Seattle (Landmark Theaters Seattle Washington - Starts April 6, 2012)

Potete vedere il "trailer" e trovare le informazioni sui luogi e date  andando sul website: ( e su Facebook page: (
Buon divertimento! Segreteria Comites San Francisco

The Search for Miss Italian Club is On!

We are starting our search for this year's Miss Italian Club to represent The Italian Club of Seattle in the Miss SEAFAIR competition. The Miss SEAFAIR competition is much more than a stereotypical beauty pageant. Referred to as a scholarship program, the foundation of the competition is the blend of volunteer work, academic achievement and creative talent that each woman displays during the month of preparation for her moment in the SEAFAIR spotlight.

Last year the Italian Club Queen won a thousand dollar scholarship and of course we would like to repeat that sucess again. For more details and the official application, please check out: If you are a woman, 18 years or older, enrolled in a college, university, or vocational program and are interested in the being the next Miss Italian Club of Seattle, complete the application and mail to: Audrey Manzanares at no later than May 16, 2012.


If you are a student, scientist, scholar, or entrepreneur, and you wish to: Facilitate collaborations and joint research and development projects among Italian and North American academic institutions and companies, Promote the bilateral flow of students, scientists, scholars, and entrepreneurs between Italy and North America. Facilitate sharing of knowledge and know-how between Italians involved in R & D and other constituencies in academia, government, industry, and the public at large in Italy and North America. Identify significant research opportunities for Italian academia and industry, and stimulate their development. Promote and coordinate the activities of other organizations and associations that link scholars, scientists, professionals, and entrepreneurs in Italy and North America. Search no further, get involved and let everyone hear your voice through ISSNAF ISSNAF website: ISSANF –Seattle Chapter link: Cont…