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Sunday Hike Pictures

Mount Baker - Table Mountain Hike on Sunday  7 September


Sunday  October 7
Artist Point  Mt. Baker  5,100feet
We  have multiple choices as soon we get to the destination,actually if you want you just walk the trail around the parking lot and it is very beautiful, or we can hike to Table Mountain 3 miles.Also we can go to Chain Lakes
On the way back I strongly suggest to stop at Picture Lake to take some pictures
The forecast is really nice
Appointment at 7:30 at the P&R
Park and Ride at the 164th St. exit off I-5
This is the first exit (#183) after I-405 joins I-5. Go left over the freeway and go right at the second street.Next right is the Park & Ride. Meet close to that first entrance.Waiting time is 10 minutes  NW Forest Pass is  required
Ciao Edmondo
Please  confirm by Saturday night if you are coming and
check your email Sunday morning in case of an emergency change.