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Dear Friends of Festa,

Only 55 days to go now until the big show, the Italian Festival at Seattle Center. If you haven't been to our website recently, you're in for a surprise. In addition to announcing all the great new attractions at this year's event, you can also use it as a portal to buy tickets to the Festa Luncheon and the Taste of Italy, enter the Bocce Tournament or the Grape Stomp and to register your car for the Italian Classic Vehicle Show. You can even click a button just to make a donation! Don't forget to go to the ItaliaSeattle forum

Prosecco wine Tasting

For you fans of Prosecco, a night to remember.
An Evening of Italian Bubbles at Purple Kirkland
 We are excited to welcome 4th generation Winemaker Paolo Trevisiol
to Purple Kirkland on Friday, July 29th.
Paolo's family was the first in the region to make Prosecco and he is one of the most famous producers in Italy. The event will take place on the patio at Kirkland (weather permitting) from 5:30pm to 7:30pm and include 4 different sparkling wine options with food pairings.

In addition, all wines will be available for retail purchase.

 Trevisiol Prosecco Extra Dry . Veneto . NV
 Trevisiol Rosecco Rose Brut . Veneto . 10
 Tre Donne Moscato D'Asti 'La Perlina' . Piedmont . 10
 Barbolini Grasparossoa Lambrusco . Emilia Romagna . NV
 Price is $40 plus tax and gratuity. 

Please contact our Event Planners for more
information or to make a reservation, 206-838-3853.

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Festa Italiana

Festa Italiana Is Looking For Volunteers!
First Volunteer Meeting of the year: 7 p.m at Mt. Virgin School Hall (Board members will meet at 6 PM) Tuesday, August 9, 2011
If you are interested in any
of the following activities, please join us:
Children's Activities, Chefs Stage, Wine Tasting,
Grape Stomp, Bocce Tournament, Raffle Sales,
Souvenirs, Sausage Booth and more!
No Experience Necessary!!!
Our only general meetings this year are 7 PM, Tuesday, August 9, and 7 PM, Tuesday, September 13, 2011. Everyone is invited. These meetings are held at in the school hall at Our Lady of Mt. Virgin Church, 2800 S. Massachusetts St., Seattle, WA 98144. Need more information? Please visit our website and fill out an Volunteers Application or email us at and when you do, make sure you give us your address so we can add you to our mailing list.
-- Dennis Caldirola <> Director, FESTA ITALIANA Seattle (&…

Italian Foreign Exchange Student

One more Italian student coming to Seattle. Details below if you are interested.
A host family is needed for an Italian High School Foreign Exchange student coming to Seattle, for the 2011/12 school year. A potential host family is needed for a boy who is very active and sporty, he is excited to try new things, and enjoys soccer, tennis and Gymnastics, and likes to spend time with his younger sister. He can't wait to meet his new American family.
Students come with good English skills, full health insurance and their own personal spending money, and mainly the desire to be a member of an American family. We ask our families to provide a bed (shared room is okay with similar age range) and meals eaten with the family. Host families do not need to have teenagers of their own; young families as well as empty nesters are excellent high school student hosts this year.
For more information about the students and the program, contact Jamin Henderson at360-661-0552 orj.henderson33@hotmail.c…

Northwest Film Forum

Passione: A Musical AdventureReviews - Photos - IMDb ‎1hr 30min‎‎ - Drama/Musical‎
Director: John Turturro - Cast: Massimo Ranieri, Lina Sastri, James Senese, Fausto Cigliano, Fiorello - :  Jul 15 - Jul 21
(John Turturro, 2010, Italy, USA, 35mm, 95 min)

Seattle Premiere!
Sponsored by Easy Street Records

Friday, Jul 15 at 07:00PM
Friday, Jul 15 at 09:00PM
Saturday, Jul 16 at 07:00PM
Saturday, Jul 16 at 09:00PM
Sunday, Jul 17 at 07:00PM
Sunday, Jul 17 at 09:00PM
Monday, Jul 18 at 07:00PM
Monday, Jul 18 at 09:00PM
Tuesday, Jul 19 at 07:00PM
Tuesday, Jul 19 at 09:00PM
Wednesday, Jul 20 at 07:00PM
Wednesday, Jul 20 at 09:00PM
Thursday, Jul 21 at 07:00PM
Thursday, Jul 21 at 09:00PM

John Turturro's unconditional commitment to Italy and its culture has developed into a unique film experience. Passione's antique scenery, distinctive sounds and beautiful music take the viewer into the streets of Naples and on a voyage through time and space. The film's strength lays in the diversity of th…

Gelsomina’s Story of Caesar Lucchesi - The Lucchesi Story

It is a great new book that just came out last month.

Research into the three generations of the Lucchesi family brought Matson face to face with what days and nights must have been like for her grandmother, an innocent, young girl brought from Italy to a small mining town in Michigan in the 1800s. The scandalous elopement. The building of a family and a business. Intertwined within the story is the growth, not only of the Lucchesi family but also of America—from horse-drawn carriages, to automobiles, to airplanes, and, finally, the information age and computers.

Thank you so much,


Daryl Laitila

Job opportunity - Language Specialist

We are searching for an Italian Language Specialist to do some translating and localization for a large travel company in Bellevue, WA.   Job Description: Language Specialist:
Length: 4-month contract Responsibilities: Translating and upgrading destinations, landmarks, and properties to search friendly requirements. Will work closely with in-house language specialists in ensuring various lists are localized as well as search appropriate.Requirements/Qualifications:
At or near native language proficiency
College graduate with a specialization in a foreign language Skills Graph: College graduate with a specialization in a foreign language  Required At or near native Italian proficiency  Required French language skills  Nice to have Ability to work in a fast paced environment   Required Regards, Claire Hardesty Prithvi Catalytic, Inc. W: 425.296.5051 C: 509.844.2105


Sunday 17
Talapus and Olallie Lakes
Easy 4.5 miles R/T elevation gain 1220 feet. Highest point 3780 ft
Northwest Forest Pass is required
Appointment at 9:00 at the trailhead,15 minutes waiting time
Driving Directions:

From Seattle drive I-90 east to exit 45 (Forest Road 9030). Turn left under the freeway on FR 9030. In 1 mile bear right at the junction. Continue straight to the trailhead at the road's end.

Driving time 1 hr
Ciao Edmondo
Please confirm by Saturday night if you are coming and
check your email Sunday morning in case of an emergency change.

Apartment of about 1100 sq ft, in the center of Milano, on lease

Apartment of about 1100 sq ft, in the center of Milano, on lease
Cam and Francesco are moving to London for one year, or two, from November 2011. Their apartment, in the Center of Milano  (15 minutes walking to the Piazza del Duomo), is remaining free and can be available for lease, as it is, completely furnished including books and magazines.  Living in the Center of Milano, thanks to the efficient public transportation system, no car is needed to move in or out of the town.  Among the books in the apartment you can find Francesco’s manuscript “Escursioni in Lombardia: da Milano verso laghi, fiumi e  monti, usando i mezzi pubblici” (Hiking in Lombardy: from Milano towards lakes, rivers and mountains, by using public transportation).
For more information and pictures of the apartment, please, send a message to It could be a unique opportunity! Thank you"

Rossella Rago & Team Nonna is Back

As you probably know, Rossella is our Celebrity Chef at the Italian Festival this year and this is a repeat of the episode on the Food Channel that made her famous. And remember, she looking for a local "Nonna" to cook with her onstage at Festa. Read further below for details - you might become famous!

I have been invited as the Special Guest to the Festa Italiana to be held in Seattle, WA, in September, 2011. This is such an honor for me because in past years this same opportunity was given to giants such as Mario Batali, Anne Burrell, Nick Stellino and many more. And of course, as I will be doing a cooking demo, I need a Nonna from the Seattle area to join me on stage. If you know a Nonna that would like to join me, please have her contact me. Please visit this page for DETAILS!!!!

I hope to see many of you there!

We Always Need More Nonne!

Are you a Nonna and would like to join the Cooking with Nonna Family?  Please Check Here for the information we need and contact us AS…


Sunday July 10
Lake 22, 5.5 miles R/T 1350 feet elevation gain.Moderate hike
Appointment at 9:30 at the Verlot Public Service,15 minutes waiting time
Northwest Forest Pass is required
Take Hwy 9 north turn right on Hwy 92 toward Granite Falls,at the end of the town turn left on Mountain Loop Hwy,follow the road for 12 miles to Verlot Public Service
Please confirm by Saturday night if you are coming and
check your email Sunday morning in case of an emergency change.

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Frank Isernio article in PSBJ

Dear Friends of ItaliaSeattle

Thought I would alert you to a great article in PSBJ about Frank Isernio, recipient of the 2009 Gill A. Centioli Award presented by Festa Italiana.

Subject: Frank Isernio has grown his part-time hobby into a $15-million-per-year sausage business | Puget Sound Business Journal