127th St. Dance Company

To the Italian Community of Seattle,
Salve!  My name is Barbara Caioli.  I am the Artistic Director of 127th St. Dance Company, a fledgling dance company based in Seattle.  I have been a dancer since I began my training in my native Rome at the age of five and have continued training in the art of choreography in San Francisco, Chicago and Seattle.  127th St. Dance plans to hold its base in Seattle and travel to Italy to perform.
Our core beliefs are that social and emotional intelligence are at the forefront of modern existence.  127th St. Dance Company performs works that speak to the human condition. The choreographers focus in a range of genres, addressing contemplation of the heart, time, birth, death - experiences that are universal to all.  Our work aims to engage our audience in inspired conversation of art and life.
After a full year of intense rehearsals, we have booked our full repertoire show, “127th St. Dance Company Presents: Ignite”, at Northshore Performing Arts Center for July 16, 2011.  You can expect a night of contemporary ballet, street jazz, hip-hop and even live drumming accompanying contemporary dance.  I really hope to see the Italian community represented in the audience that night!

Please visit our event page on Facebook: 
Our website is www.127thstdance.org.

Please contact me any time at Barbara@127thstdance.org if you have any questions.  I look forward to speaking with you.

Best regards,
Barbara Caioli
Artistic Director


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