Italian Films at SIFF 2011!

Italian Films at SIFF 2011!
Dear Friends of ItaliaSeattle,

The Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) starts this week and features a number of new films from Italy plus the 1960 classic "La Dolce Vita." Enjoy!

à presto,


Our Life
May 21, 1:30pm Egyptian Theatre
May 24, 6:30pm Admiral Theatre
May 29, 8:30pm Everett Performing Arts Center
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An emotionally wrenching story of a blue-collar bour lifeuilder trying to buck the odds and become a success whilst beset on all sides by corruption and compromise. A gritty slice of contemporary Roman proletarian life. Winner, Best Actor, Cannes Film Festival.   (dir. Daniele Luchetti, Italy/France 2010, 93 min)

Angel of Evil
June 3, 9:30pm, SIFF Cinema
June 5, 4:00pm, Egyptian Theatre
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A stylish, warp-speed portrait of one of Italy's mosangel of evilt notorious crime figures, ranging from his beginnings as a childhood shoplifter to his repeated incarcerations and daring escapes, and his eventual coronation as the leader of one of the most vicious gangs in the country. North American Premiere (dir. Michele Placido, Italy 2010, 128 min)

Gorbaciòf - The Cashier Who Liked Gambling
June 9, 6:30pm Admiral Theatre
June 12, 1:30pm Pacific Place
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Compulsive gambler and petty thief Pacileo-nicknamed "Gorbachev" because of his birthmark-works as a cashier in an Italian prison and takes bribes from inmates' families. His tender love for the beautiful waitress Lily, an illegal Chinese immigrant, inspires him to free both of them from their dead-end lives. US Premiere (dir. Stefano Incerti, Italy 2010, 87 min)

A Quiet Life
May 21, 11:00pm Egyptian Theatre
May 23, 9:30pm Neptune Theatre
May 25, 9:30pm Renton Ikea Performing Arts Center
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Italian chef Rosario (IL DIVO's Toni Servillo) is content to hunt boar and micromanage his hotel's restaurant in the German countryside. The arrival of two young thugs, aquietlifehowever, peels back the edges on a secret past. Both incisive character study and merciless thriller, Claudio Cupellini's film delivers a rush that lingers.  (dir. Claudio Cupellini, Italy/Germany, France 2010, 103 min)

June 11, 7:00pm, Pacific Place
June 12, 11:00am, Pacific Place
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An Italian EMPIRE RECORDS set in a kitschy vintage shop, HAYFEVER takes a sweet, touching look into the liveshayfever of a group of 20-something Roman misfits. During a breezy autumn, the store's young clerks distract themselves with love triangles, misguided flings, and writing letters to Jude Law.  (dir. Laura Luchetti, Italy 2010, 95 min)

La Dolce Vita
May 30, 10:00am, Harvard Exit
View Trailer | Buy Ticketsdolce
Over the course of seven (not necessarily consecutive) days, a morally shaky journalist finds himself swept up with Rome's GLITTERATI on a quest for love and happiness in all the wrong places. A sensation on its release, and considered by many to be Fellini's finest achievement.   (dir. Federico Fellini, Italy 1960, 174 min)


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