International Student Exchange

The following comes from a nonprofit company called International Student Exchange. They have been working with Exchange Students since 1982. Their website is

A host family is needed for a High School Foreign Exchange students from Italy, for the 2011 fall semester. A potential host family is needed for a boy who is mature, and a great student. He enjoys skiing, bowling, sailing and boating, and loves to play basketball. He can't wait to meet his new American family.
Students come with good English skills, full health insurance and their own personal spending money, and mainly the desire to be a member of an American family. We ask our families to provide a bed (shared room is okay with similar age range) and meals eaten with the family. Host families do not need to have teenagers of their own; young families as well as empty nesters are excellent high school student hosts this year. 
For more information about the students and the program, contact Jamin   Henderson at 360-661-0552 or  
 Jamin Henderson
 Regional Advisor


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