Saturday October 15
Nachees Loop
: beautiful view of Mt. Rainier, very easy hike, 4 Miles R/T, 600 feet elevation gain
Appointment at 8:30 at the P&R,it would be nice to carpool,15 min. waiting time No parking permit required Driving Directions To P&R Take I-405 southbound Take exit # 9 turn left and follow the sign 5115-113th Pl. SE Bellevue If you want to drive to Tipsoo Lake get there by 10:30

From Enumclaw, drive east about 47 miles on State Route 410 to the junction with SR 123. Stay left to continue east on SR 410 another 3 miles. Park in the Tipsoo Lake parking lot on your left .

If you are coming please confirm by Friday night


Cell. 206 669-4489


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