Italian-speaking Care Giver needed. Job opening at BrightStar Healthcare

 Italian Speaking Female CNA, NAR, HHA, or Caregiver

Location: Private home in Kirkland

Position Type: Part-Time (3-4 hours/three times per week)
Experience Required: 1 - 2 years 
Education Required: High School Diploma 

 Position Description

 The Caregiver is a member of the home care team who works under the supervision of a registered nurse and performs various personal care services as necessary to meet the client's needs.  The caregiver is re
sponsible for observing clients, reporting these observations and documenting observations and care performed.

Responsibilities will be assigned in a manner that promotes quality, continuity and safety of a client's care.

You can learn more about BrightStar at and watch a video from the week BrightStar's CEO appeared on the Undercover Boss TV show.

Go to the website listed below to apply or call us at 425-679-0310 for additional information. caregiver personal support

Position Requirements


1. Provide client care as directed by the Director of Nursing or registered nurse supervisor.

2. Provide personal care: Bathing; Grooming, including oral care; Assist the client with dressing and undressing;  Assist the client with toileting activities; Assist in feeding the client, if necessary; Feed clients who are unable to feed themselves; Take and record vital signs (temperature, pulse, respirations and blood pressure); Measure and record height and weight; Support good skin care to prevent skin breakdown  (i.e. turn and reposition client, actively encourage movement); Assist client with active and passive range of motions as defined by the plan of care; Provide client with help walking and transferring; Observe client's physical, mental and emotional conditions; Report any change to the Director of Nursing or nursing supervisor; Document observed changes; Measure and document intake and output, if necessary; Assist client in the self-administration of medication (medication reminder); Perform light housekeeping;  Perform meal preparation and clean up; Change bed linens and make up the client's bed; Maintain an orderly client environment;

3. Follow principles of infection control and Universal Precautions.

4. Identifies and participates in performance improvement activities.

5. Provide transport to doctor appointments, outside activities and shopping.

6. Participates in client teaching according to the client's plan of care.

7. Assist in providing a safe environment and promote quality patient care through adherence to established policies, procedures and standards.

8. Ensure client's rights are adhered to.  These include but are not limited to:

a. the right to privacy and dignity while care is being provided
b. the right to accept or refuse care
c. the right to confidentiality of their information
9. Respond rapidly and appropriately in an emergency situation
10. Use equipment properly and in a safe manner.


1. Certification as a Caregiver from a recognized community college or vocational school.
2. Minimum of one (1) year of documented experience required.
3. Certified in CPR
4. Negative TB skin test or chest x-ray
5. Licensed driver with automobile that is insured in accordance with the organizations requirements.
6. Self-directing with the ability to work with little direct supervision
7. Empathy for the needs of the client
8. Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills
9. Ability to express spoken and/or written ideas in English
10. Treats clients, staff and the public with courtesy, respect and presents appositive public image.
11. Works as a team member
12. Ensures confidentiality and security of the client's medical information.

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